Susan Larson

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor of Spiritual Development

Ministry Description:
To come along side as administrative support to the Pastor of Spiritual Development and Small Groups.

My amazing Husband, Pete, 3 sons, Simon, Jacob, Zac, my daughter, Abby, and our dog, Bella

Jewelry designer, anything creative, reading, piano and camping with my family

December 1

My Faith:
I was privileged to grow up in a mainstream Christian home and accepted Christ with the simple faith of a child, knowing that I was a sinner. Having a relationship with Jesus as my Savior as a young child, my faith sprouted and began to grow, but during my college years I became a dry and withered plant for lack of nourishment from the Word and being out of relationship with Christ. The more I became aware of all He has done for me through a good church and the Word of God, the more my love for Him grew. As the years now pass, it is my love for Jesus Christ that fuels my passion to want to know Him more, to have an even closer relationship with Him, to live my life with Him and for Him, to worship and serve Him with all that I am, and to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to others! To Him be the glory!