Steve Harrison

Associate Missions Pastor

Ministry Description:
My role is to develop and support training and equipping for evangelism and mission, to assist in growing a culture of prayer and evangelism, to partner in caring for missionaries commissioned by Grace Church, and to strengthen local and global outreach efforts.

My wife, Manjit, and I have three children still at home, one son in college and a married daughter. We also have one grandbaby!

In my free time I love to hang with my family and friends, travel, hike and camp.

December 16

My Faith:
Tragically witnessing a young boy, close to my own age, drowning led me to seriously consider my life and where I was going to spend eternity when I died. I began to ponder what I had witnessed earlier that day. It was then that I realized I did not know for sure what would happen to me when I died. In that moment, I became very aware of my need for a Savior. Even though I knew a lot about Jesus Christ, God and the Bible due to being a pastor’s kid, I realized that knowledge and religion are not enough. The ache inside confirmed that I was not sure of my eternal destiny and needed to make a personal decision to follow Christ and surrender my life to him.

That night, I shared my concerns with my mom. She explained that I needed to repent from self-reliance and confess my sin to God and place my trust fully in Jesus Christ and not in my own efforts at being good (1 John 1:9). She told me if I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ that he would forgive me and make me new. After I prayed to God, I can still remember the peace that flooded my soul as I drifted off to sleep that night sure that my prayer had been heard and my eternal destiny was secure.

Years later when attending college, I thought I was secure in my faith, but in the face of temptation, I realized that my faith in Christ had lost its newness, and I had become complacent. I was challenged by God’s word to live totally surrendered to Him - to be willing to live differently from those around me. Following Christ was a relationship and not just a set of rules and regulations. It was at that time I made a determined resolve to follow Christ – no matter the cost – I wanted to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and serve Him.