Karen Anderson

Director of Barnabas Disability Ministry

Ministry Description:  
Equip and support people from the Grace Church family who desire to come alongside children, teens, adults, and families that are challenged by disability, so they can know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and participate in the ministry of our church.

Husband Dale; One daughter, three sons, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren

Hobbies:  cooking, reading

Birthday: May 10

My Faith: 
I grew up in a family where Christ was the center of our home. We had family devotions and prayed together every day. I knew from an early age that Jesus was my Savior and that I would go to heaven because He died on the cross for my sins. Life was safe and pretty predictable, and I was content. Things changed and became very challenging when God used the birth of our son with Down Syndrome to show me that my faith was weak. I needed God’s Word to become strong in me and to be that working tool which I now needed throughout every day. Through the ministry of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and Sunday morning worship, I came to treasure God's Word and time in prayer, and to experience His strength for the journey ahead no matter what that would be. I came to see God’s plan for my life as good, and that I was to honor Him in all things.