Jonathan Engbrecht

Director of Special Projects

Ministry Description:
Formerly an engineer, it has been my privilege to use my gifts in talents in problem solving and business to help out in different ministries within Grace.  I also have a passion for equipping the next generation in the Church, which I have done for 15 years as a volunteer.  Most recently I have assisted OneLess, Student Ministries and The Refuge, which I am also overseeing.

Simply put: Yes. I love trying new things and am always picking up hobbies including playing instruments & sports, outdoor adventures, drinking fine teas, studying nerdy things, building stuff and writing.  If you have a cool new hobby or adventure let me know!

Birthday: July 14

My Faith:
Although faith was present in my upbringing, I was a self proclaimed atheist until about age 17, when I had a radical encounter with Jesus one night while discussing faith with a friend. This moment changed my life and started me on a journey that has never stopped.  Since then my life has been filled with countless adventures of seeing God work in and through my life and even though there have been many difficult and painful seasons, He has always proven a faithful Friend and Father.