Jon Christenson

Director of Cornerstone & Missions/Evangelism Associate

Ministry Description:
To support the missions team in the church and around the world. Specifically, to glorify God through local and global evangelistic initiatives including short-term trips, missionary support, church prayer mobilization, invite-culture promotion, Gospel centered events, share-life training, and much more.

My wife, Erika

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing sports (broomball, ultimate frisbee, racquet ball), dominating my brothers in board games (actually not so much), and reading.

June 29th

My Faith:
I grew up in Minnetonka, MN and asked Jesus into my heart at age five. My faith became my own when I entered high school and began playing football. I joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes leadership team, and the Lord impressed upon my heart that everything I had was to be used for His glory. This is why He created me, to lift up His name before others. Every gift was for one purpose. From that point, I pursued God with a reckless abandon. I went on to play football at the highest collegiate level and saw the Lord transform my team and athletic department through the ministry of Athletes in Action. I was able to use my platform with the Minnesota Gophers to speak around the metro to younger athletes. I shared my many experiences of being in front of the cameras of ESPN and the contrasting times of pain and suffering. As one who has had his name up in lights and experienced times of dark nights, I had but one message: in the elation and agony of life Jesus is more! He is the only one who satisfies and the only one who brings true comfort. I live my life with sole purpose of knowing Him more and making him known.