Jeremy Thomas

Associate Minister of Worship Arts and Care

Ministry Description:
Worship Leader for the Traditional Service in the Grace Church Chapel. This is includes planning services and the privilege of directing the Grace Church Choir and Orchestra. Each week I get to call the precious people in the chapel to magnify the Lord with me, and we exalt His name together!
I have one amazing wife, Sharon, and three fabulous children, Kacee, Cameron, and Caden.
To have fun, I hang out with my family!
Birthday: January 27
My Faith: 
I was blessed to be raised in a solid Christian home, by parents whose love for the Lord and for me was evident in the way they brought me up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  When I was six, I put my faith in Christ and my life in his hands. The external details of how God brought me to saving faith are simple.  The spiritual realities are stunning!  It is the daily and eternal implications of what God has done in me and is doing in the world that I want to give my life to know and make known for the glory of God.