Erin Hollister

Assistant to Pastor of Men | Communications Editor

Ministry Description:
As the Assistant to the Pastor of Men, I provide him with administrative support to lead the discipling and development of men in biblical manhood. As Communications Editor, I manage the Grace Blog and produce the weekly Grace at a Glance while assisting various ministries within the church in their editing needs.

I left all of my family behind in Michigan when I moved to Minnesota, and I miss them all dearly. This includes my parents Dale and Diane, my younger brother Tim and his fiancée Erin (Yes—that makes two of us named Erin Hollister), and my foster brother Cory and his wife Mandi. I take the opportunity to return home to visit them as often as possible.

Birthday: October 8

I love theater, I love to travel, and I love to karaoke, sometimes all at the same time when I’m driving for hours on end. I also enjoy nerdy TV shows and movies. On occasion, I’ve been known for having a camera as a fifth limb because of my love for photography.

I grew up in a family where we were at church almost every time the doors were open. I accepted Christ’s gift of forgiveness and salvation at a young age. In high school I was challenged by friends to acknowledge that I truly believed what I said, not only because I was following how I was raised, but because I saw His work in my life. Since then, I’ve been challenged in my faith through the difficult questions from my friends who both follow Christ and those who don’t.