Deb Wahlquist

Nursery Director

Ministry Description:
Nursery Director – To provide a safe, nurturing environment for nursery- age children (0-2), their families, and the volunteers. This includes developing age- appropriate curriculum, recruitment, training, managing, and ongoing shepherding of volunteers and families of children in the nursery.

Married to Kip for over 25 years; four fabulous children

Spending time with my family, and dates with my husband. I love to be outside, and enjoy being surprised by God through nature/creation. I also like to travel, garden, and power-walk with friends.

Birthday:  December 18

My Faith:
I am thankful for my parents who modeled a relationship with Jesus and provided me with a solid foundation of love. Because their faith in Jesus was intentionally shared, lived and communicated daily, I chose at a young age to open my heart to Jesus and accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior.  I rededicated my life to him when I was in Jr. High at a Billy Graham Crusade. Throughout my teen and young adult years, I can see His handprints all over my life in the way He protected and directed me. He has shown me over and over that I can trust Him and experience His peace and faithfulness. I am thankful that God continues to teach and refine me through the Holy Spirit, His Word, my family and friends. I love the Lord, and in Him, I have all I need. I am grateful.