Dara Mann

Children's Worship Director

Ministry Description:
Provide leadership to volunteer teams in the areas of children’s choir, large group worship, drama, and other large group ministries. I also write scripts for Vacation Bible School and other children’s ministries as needed. Through music, movement, drama and visual arts, I provide creative ministry opportunities for adults and children, use performance art as a vehicle for leadership development, and teach others how to communicate the truth of the Gospel in a variety of performance venues.

Husband Allan; One daughter, two sons, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and a dachshund name Banjo.

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, camping, cooking, and gardening

Birthday: January 31

My Faith:
As a young child of about eight years, the truth of what Jesus did for me on the cross became very real at an Easter Sunday sunrise service. In that moment I knew that Jesus’ sacrifice and victory over death was specifically for me. I did not have much opportunity to grow in my faith until a cousin returned home from Bible School, determined to win us younger cousins to Christ, and disciple us in our faith. I was 17, and fully committed my life to Christ during that summer. Getting baptized at 19 is a fond memory – standing in cold water, shivering and trying to bring testimony. My walk with the Lord has been a journey of testing and trusting – I have tested God, and at times He has tested me. In every circumstance He has proved Himself trustworthy, faithful, and full of amazing plans for me. Life is unpredictable, but the God of scripture makes good on all His claims. What an awesome God we serve!