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MAN-Up Bible Studies

Two weekday Bible studies for men are available at three convenient times. Both focus on the importance of studying Scripture and developing relationships through large group teaching, connecting in small groups, and diving deeper individually.

Genesis Study

Have you ever thought about why God gave us the book of Genesis first? Genesis is a book of beginnings, so consider taking a look at it with fresh eyes. This is more than just studying a book filled with historical events—it’s about getting to really know God from the start. It’s time to rethink how you read the book about how it all began.

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When and Where:

  • Wednesday Evenings:
    Room 152, 6:30p-8p
  • Friday Mornings:
    Dining Room, 6:15a-7:45a
  • Saturday Mornings:
    Dining Room, 8a-10a

Every Man a Warrior

Every Man A Warrior (EMAW) is a Bible study that “Helps Men Succeed in Life." It deals with the battles that men fight every day and how God has solutions, teaching men how to apply biblical truth in the areas of: Money, Marriage, Raising Children, Sex, Work, Hard Times, and How to Make Your Life Count.

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When and Where:

  • Wednesday Evenings:
    Dining Room, 6:30p-8p
  • Friday Mornings:
    Room 211/212, 6:15a-7:45a
  • Saturday Mornings:
    Room 213, 8a-10a

Studies begin the week of Sept 11.


Check the list below for
Frequently Asked Questions.

For additional questions,
contact Bob at
952-224-3130 or

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can't make it every week?
    We will meet most weeks until May, but we will take breaks for holiday weekends and school spring breaks. Several guys who have joined the study over the years have missed here and there because of travel or other commitments, and they just picked up notes from someone in their group. Information and weekly summaries covering much of the content covered will also be sent out. You can attend another day of the week as well.
  • Does it matter if I don't attend Grace Church?
    No, it does not. Actually about half of the guys doing the study do not attend Grace. We look at this study as a big "C" church opportunity, not a little "c" church opportunity.
  • Did I read that right—6:15 in the MORNING?
    Yes! It's time to man up, and the first step is getting up. The good news is you will have hot coffee ready to go when you arrive (assuming Billy Hoag isn't in charge that day).
  • Can I invite a buddy or two to come with me?
    What do you think? Matter a fact, we will be giving away a "Date Night Out" for the guy who brings the most people. So, keep tabs on all of the new guys who come because of your invitation.
  • When will I receive my book?
    We will hand out books on the first night.