Kids Choirs

Children’s Choirs at Grace Church will continue recording and producing new music that will be used in worship throughout the church!

Grade 1-4 meets during 9a Sunday School on Sundays.

Excelsis Choir (Grade 4-12) meets on Wednesdays from 4:45-6:15pm. Ministry opportunities in this choir will include: recording dates, worship leading, solo development, drama skits, vocal development/part-singing, and trips to AirBorne studios. Fourth grade will be evaluated for readiness in the recording choir.

Drama Skits – Open to all kids in grade 5-12 Excelsis Choir (and some 4th graders.) At this time we are developing the skits. More information will be available once the scripts are finalized.

  • Demo CDs: Demo CDs will be given to all choir kids, so they can work on the new songs at home.

  • Choir Commitment: Choir students are expected to maintain faithful attendance at rehearsals and all ministry activities: singing in church, worship assembly leadership, recording dates, drama rehearsals, etc. Most of the singing times are on Sunday mornings. You will receive a choir schedule that includes dates of worship leading, ministry dates, recording dates.

  • CD Recordings: The choirs have recorded four CDs: “Testimony,” “Believe,” "Treasure," and "God." They are available for $5 each or 4 for $20 at the Children’s Welcome Desk.  Check us out on iTunes under Grace Church Children’s Choirs.

  • Serve in Choir
    Pianist needed for Children’s choirs, Sunday mornings (September – May) during the first service.  If interested, please email Dara Mann or call 952-224-3085.

    1. We are always looking for people who play piano or guitar to accompany choirs in worship, at outreaches, and singing for church.

    2. Helper: Support the choir and directors by helping organize in choir rehearsals, and when we lead worship in Sunday School or Church.

    3. Phone Calling: Make quick phone calls to update families about events, needs, recording sessions, etc.

    4. Directing: Can you direct a skit or develop simply movement or choreography. Come support the students as they use their talents to contribute to worship. To find out more, contact Susan at or 952-224-3106.