Beyond Suffering Bible

A message from Karen Anderson, Director of Barnabas Ministry

Dear Friends,

Doesn’t it seem lately like our country…. our world…. is coming apart at the seams?!  With so much happening almost every day, do you find yourself struggling to maintain that Hope that scripture calls us to; that mindset that God has His hand on everything that touches us; that He is on the throne!

There is a new resource coming that I’m excited to tell you about.  Joni and Friends has just completed their long awaited Beyond Suffering Bible.  It is the first study Bible made specifically for those who suffer and the people who love them.

Here are some facts you might find interesting:

  • More than one in five people in the U.S live with some type of physical disability.
  • Ten million people a year experience a serious mental illness.
  • One in six Americans are dealing with chronic health conditions.
  • Roughly 65 million Americans provide care for someone with a disability or chronic illness.
  • More than 82 million Americans suffer from disability or chronic illness.

With the need so great for wisdom and comfort, the Beyond Suffering Bible is uniquely designed to guide us to dig deeper into God’s Word for  accurate understanding of His purposes in suffering and disability, and find the peace and joy that can be ours from a life fully connected to Him.

The Beyond Suffering Bible is thoughtfully arranged. It has a format that has a sidebar feature called Connection Points that appear on almost every page of scripture showing how much God’s Word has to say about suffering and disability; that suffering and disability has always been on God’s heart… from Genesis to Revelation.  There are devotionals and notes throughout from Joni and inspiring profiles of authentic and credible individuals, all who know what it is to experience suffering. Several handy Reading Plans are included and geared towards a specific topic that help to steer us in the right direction when issues, concerns and doubts conspire to cloud our faith.

I’m excited to get this special edition, the Beyond Suffering Bible, into the hands of anyone who experiences suffering of any kind, and especially our Barnabas families and volunteers. This Bible is for those who want to see that scripture really does have answers for life’s toughest questions, that there is real Hope for suffering people and that God really is a good God with a good plan for each one of His children.